cute saying to put the toilet lid down

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Reply Monte Dec 25, 2010 @ 10:53 pm | delete I think it takes a very considerate man to put a toilet seat up, He is not .
Keep the lid up and the seat down guys, and stop whinning about us women saying we should keep the seat up for ye, twice now I have woken and went to sit on the loo .
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Put the Toilet Seat DOWN! For Men Only. Larry James. The most hotly contested battlefield in the gender wars may not necessarily be in the bedroom. 1311623 > Features: -Baby wok. -Black matte finish. -Material: Cast iron. -Durable wok retains and redistributes heat evenly .
Yes, the toilet lid must be put down after use. It's not yet a silly law but it makes so much sense. For example, when you flush, a bacteria-filled mist is created.
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cute saying to put the toilet lid down

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